The hens are ready to lay eggs. Join the game to do the task of holding the basket to collect the eggs that the chickens lay. The number of chickens in the flock is very large, so you have to be faster and faster to catch the golden eggs otherwise when the eggs fall to the ground, the eggs will be broken and you cannot get them back and of course you will not get points.

Especially the golden eggs bring you a 3 multiplier, but it rarely appears, so it requires you to be very sharp.

Besides, you should also be careful about other things that are not eggs, what those things are, you should play the game to discover.

Let's collect a lot of golden eggs with everyone.


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Pick up eggs.apk 47 MB
Pick up 28 MB
Pick up eggs.exe 21 MB
Pick up eggs 27 MB
Pick up eggs 37 MB

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Neat catcher game!  I enjoyed how gradually the speed ramped up.  Having the golden eggs at a different speed added a nice challenge too.  The sound was a bit confusing though - it seemed like the different chicken noises were arbitrary, where at first I thought the bird poop drops made a different sound than the egg drops.  The music got repetitive quickly too.  But otherwise, this was a solid experience, enough to get me to play more than once.

Thank you for your comments, I will develop and upgrade the game to make it more fun